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Sign In Facebook – Fast Fb sign in method

Sign In Facebook – Fast Fb sign in method | This message is interested in exactly how you can produce an account at to enable you to have complimentary accessibility to Facebook account profile and also to connect with your family and friends across the nation and also as well share an appropriate info… Read More »

How to delete and deactivate my facebook account now

How to Delete and Deactivate My Facebook Account Now: Facebook as you know has become the most popular and largest social networking sites that is used to communicate, chat and build brands. However, there are times you just want to close your FB account permanently or deactivate it temporarily but you don’t just know how. This post… Read More »

How to save facebook posts for later

How to save facebook posts for later. There are too many dramas on Facebook. Sometime you just want to save those good reads for later. That is what this post is for. I will slowly show you how to save a facebook post for later exploration. We all know we can bookmark a particular web… Read More »

How to restrict your facebook friends

How to Add Friends to Restricted List: Letting your facebbook friends access every aspect of your Facebook profile might not be a good idea. There are some folks who are just there. They are on your facebook friend list but they are not really that close. For those categories of friendships, you should consider restricting… Read More »

Delete Facebook groups with members

Tired of all the annoyances that comes with a Facebook group? Here a guide to deleting a Facebook group. Even groups with members. See: How to Delete Facebook Photo Album In this episode of Learn Facebook Basics, we will show you how to get rid of your FB group and recommend some suggestions that you may like.… Read More »

Change Facebook Language fast

Here is how to change facebook language |Those who can speak and write in multiple languages will often find out that facebooking in a particular is more comfortable at some moments. And the other language at some other moment. This is a post that will show you how to quickly change Facebook language. I added screenshots… Read More »

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Android App

Here’s how to unblock someone on facebook android app in 2017: If you are using Facebook Android app to access Facebook, the option to unblock someone is also there for users. How To View Your Blocked List On Facebook. When you unblock someone, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share… Read More »

Enable High-Definition Photos and Videos on Facebook

Here is how people enable high-definition photos and videos on Facebook: We all know that content has always been vital to online success, at least we will believe this when we consider how competitive today’s market is and the need to advertise more.  Before you opened a Facebook account, one of the many objectives you… Read More »

Take 360° photos using facebook

Take 360° degree photos using facebook: Ever since its inception back in 2004, Facebook has been synonymous with evolution and revolution. It has changed the way we use and spend our time on the internet. There have been several breakthroughs in the social network that is used by billions of users every day. And the… Read More »

Create A New Facebook Account

Here is how to Create A brand New Facebook Account | Wish to join the most popular social networks– Facebook community? Creating a Facebook account on iPad/iPhone is free and just takes you a couple of minutes. Offering that you produce an account you can keep contact with your friends, share happiness, images with friends and… Read More »