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www facebook com sign in: How to do a Facebook Login

In the last article I examined your option if you want to sign up for Facebook. There were many options and I believe. That if you had not your account you have it by now. But now we come to the next part of having a Facebook account. Facebook login. There are two meanings that… Read More »

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account Fast

Here is a guide on how to How To Permanently Delete Facebook Profile or Page. FB is world largest social media platform wherever we tend to create the account, pages teams to attach with folks around the world. As we tend to produce the account that works like our identity. It’s very easy to search out… Read More »

How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To A Fan Page

Today, I will show you how to Convert Facebook Profile To A Fan Page. Do you have multiple Facebook profile and an FB page for professional Business?  For long I wanted to consolidate everything so that I have to spend less time on managing all the Facebook properties. FB Profiles are limited assess and less reach as… Read More » Sign in New account – Gmail Login Email Sign in Page

The Google email service provider has an official webpage for all email users to login. To securely login to your Gmail email account, you would have to visit Gmail account login page at With the direct Gmail address sign in link provided in this post, you can easily open gmail account login page and login to have access to… Read More »

Facebook Event

Planning an event? Here is how facebook event functionality could make your life a lot easier. Create an Event How to create an event for your Page Click Create an event at the top of your Page’s timeline. Add an event photo, then enter your event’s name, location and frequency (example: occurs once, weekly or… Read More »

People Who View Your Profile On Facebook

How to see people who view your profile on facebook for one reason or another. You may be curious about it or you might would like to know it for security reasons. Whatever your factor is, all it symbolizes that it’s extremely essential for you to understand that who have actually visited your Facebook profile. But,… Read More »

Facebook birthday wishes

Here are the top Facebook birthday wishes you could send to your friend or loved ones on facebook. They might no tell you. But your friends would really like a birthday message that’s not too generic. Chose from our collection of nice facebook wishes. One will surely fit your category of relationship. May your memories… Read More »

How to edit your facebook birthday date

How to change your Facebook birthday date. Perhaps you made mistake during your Facebook registration.  This is how to change it. Or you you just want to stop people from viewing your actual year of birth. If any of the two is your issue right now, Here is my fast guide. Graphical Guide to Changing Your… Read More »

Delete facebook activity log

How to delete your facebook activity log in 2017: Everytime you search for a person or event on Facebook, the searched keywords is logged into your account and can be viewed later. Most people are not proud of the things they search on FB. Here is where this guide becomes helpful. Below is how to clear… Read More »