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How to know who follows you on Facebook

Do you want to find out who follows you on Facebook? You’ll agree with me that it’s always nice to know who’s following your shared selfies, memes or whatever have you, as you share them. This post unfolds how you can get to know who follows you on Facebook. Why you should know who follows… Read More »

Linking Instagram to Facebook

Considering linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account? Wondering if that’s even possible? Yes, it is. Read on to find out how you can link your Instagram account Facebook account. Instagram and Facebook are more or less two peas in the same pod. This notion is conceived from the fact that they share a… Read More »

Clear my Facebook Search History – 2018 Guide

Clear my Facebook Search History – 2018 Guide – This post will serve as a guide to show you how do a Facebook search history clearing in 2018. Normally when I intend to search for a Facebook page or close friend, I just look them up on the search function. Facebook itself makes use of… Read More »

Turning off Facebook Notifications

Tired of getting bugged by the notifications you get o Facebook? Do you find them irksome? Fortunately, these notifications can be turned off. Ways to turn Facebook notifications off using either your desktop, iOS or android devices are stated at some point in this post. It is undeniable that Facebook notifications basically make you aware of… Read More »

How to connect twitter to facebook

How to connect twitter to facebook: Facebook and Twitter are some of the most popular social networks. I will show you how to connect your twitter to facebook. And facebook to twitter. If you use both of them, you would love to connect your Twitter account with Facebook profile or page so that each of… Read More »