How To Change Facebook Privacy Settings

We should all be careful of the kinda stuff we put out at on facebook. By default, the whole might be seeing pictures and videos that’s not meant for them. Here is where Facebook privacy settings comes to play. Continue below.

Facebook is one of the most popular and used social networks platform that allows people to discover and get in touch with each other quickly and with ease. But for you to be recognized quickly does not indicate that you need everyone to have access to all elements of your profile. Facebook privacy setting has given individual a way to customize the personal privacy settings of Facebook profile to restrict the type of information each person has access to.

How to Change Facebook Privacy settings 

To Customize Facebook privacy settings, here are numerous actions you can take to make your Facebook profile more personal and restrict access you give to people.

Change default sharing to “Friends” and not “Public”

By default, Facebook sets sharing options to “Public,” hence the first point of action is to make sure your default sharing option on Facebook is set to “Friends” and not “Public.” Even before setting privacy options for “friends” so that when you post something you only want your friends to see.

The privacy settings can be accessed in several ways.  The best way is by clicking “privacy settings” in the drop-down menu at the top right of your Facebook homepage. That shows your main privacy options on one page.

The first item listed is “Who can see my stuff”? With the vital option “who can see my future posts?” The sharing option selected by default is usually set to “Public,”which gives everyone access to see everything you post.

To change this so only your Facebook friends can see what you post, click the small “edit” button at far right, and you should see a small label “Public” at the bottom of the (If you have previously selected “Friends” in your status update box, it will indicate “friends” and not “Public.” Click on either “Public” or “Friends” to see the full privacy sharing menu displayed in a drop-down menu.

Ensure the checkbox option “Friends” is selected. Then Click “close” as this will save your change.

Another option from the drop down is

Custom: Opens another menu allowing you to create a special list of select friends from your friends list with whom you’ll be able to share individual posts and photos. Make sure you give your list of friends a name, and then you’ll be able to select that list from the status update publishing box whenever you like.

Below is a quick look at your privacy settings options and what they mean

  • Who can see my stuff?

This means people who have permission to view your profile details, information and posts.

  •  Who can see my friend list?

This gives people access to view your friends, Here people with this permission can view your friends. You can also consider changing the default setting for your Friends List to control who can check out your Friends list. You have the option here of not allowing anyone to see this, from the “Only Me” option.


  • Who can see your information?

This is the ability to control who can view your information and the type of information they have access to.

  • Who can send you Friend Requests?

This gives you the ability to change people who can add you as a friend. To do this, Click from the top right of any Facebook page and click Settings. Click Privacy in the left column. Then click Edit next to “who can send you friend requests?”

  • Who can look you up?

This option gives you control over who can have access to your profile.

  • Which apps have access to your profile?

With this, you can grant permission to third-party applications and control the ones that have access to your profile.

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