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Some Facebook users choose to leave their  Facebook Activity Log as a result of sentimental attachments. Others have no attachments whatsoever. They tend to dislike leaving a trail of their activities behind. Do you belong to this second group? Do you want to wipe out the trail of your activities on Facebook? This can be achieved by clearing your Facebook Activity Log. Read this post to find out how to clear your Facebook Activity Log.

What is the Facebook Activity Log?

The Facebook Activity Log is a record of all the actions you’ve taken right from the moment you signed up on Facebook and logged into your account. These actions range from likes clicked, wall posts, comments, shares, to even searches you’ve ever initiated. They are arranged in chronological order, so they’re quite easy to sort through.

Clearing your Facebook Activity Log

The procedure involved in clearing the Activity Log is somewhat different depending on whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device. Steps for both are described below.

Android Mobile Devices

  • Open your Facebook application
  • Click the menu bar on the top right corner of your screen. Options appear on the left hand side of the page
  • Select your Username. This is the first option at the top. This takes you to your profile.

Below your profile picture are the following options: About, Photos, Friends, Activity Log.

  • Click Activity Log

This will take you to your activities archived in chronological order from the year you signed up on Facebook.

  • Click Filter on the top left corner of the screen

This takes you to a list of your activities in the following categories is displayed. The categories include Posts, Posts you’re Tagged in, Photos and Videos, Photos you’re Tagged in, Comments, Search History etc.

  • Click any of the categories you wish to delete. A list of actions under the category pops up with downward facing arrows to their far right.
  • Click the arrow. A small window pops up with options.
  • Click Delete

Repeat these steps to clear out your Activity Log!


  • Login to your Facebook account by visiting the Facebook website
  • Click your Username. It is on the top left corner of your screen.

This takes you to your profile. On the far right of your profile picture are the option buttons; “Edit Profile” and “View Activity Log“.

  • Click the View Activity Log button

A list of categories of your activities is displayed on the left side of the page.

  • Click MORE to bring all the categories into view
  • Click on any category you wish to delete to bring out the activities under it

Each category has a tiny stop sign to the far right.

  • Navigate your mouse pointer to the stop sign. Edit pops up
  • Click the stop sign. Delete pops up
  • Click Delete

Repeat this procedure on every category you wish to delete!

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