How to Create a Facebook Group

Facebook groups really excels When it comes to gathering folks with common interest in an online space to share ideas. . I’m sure you agree. You have ideas you want to share with people with common interest but how to do you create a facebook page. This guide will put you through.
create facebook group
Here is the fastest way to create a new facebook group:
While logged(you have to be logged in for this to work)
While you’re logged into your facebook account.
Step 1: Click this link (
Ideally, this will load up all the groups for which you are a member of.
Step 2: Look at the top. The top right hand side. You should see a green “Create Group”. Just click on that.


create facebook group.png
Step 3: A pop up will appear. Enter the details of your new facebook group there. Read the description beside every privacy option and choose the one that suits your need.
new facebook group profile.png
Note: You need to add atleast one person to the group before you create it.
Step 4: Check your group name for errors (and correct if need be). Then click the blue “create” button.
new facebook group.png
Step 5: The next page will prompt you to choose an icon for the newly created group. Select one of those icons, then hit the OK button.
choose facebook group icon.png
You could use the skip button too. Your choice.
Step 6: That’s it. You should see your facebook group. Browse around. Do the necessary edits. And invite more friends.
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