Delete my Facebook Account Permanently Right Now

By | 23rd March 2018

Do you want to delete your Facebook account right now? Have you made up your mind to loose all your Facebook friends? Have your prepare a storage to backup all your photos and videos that you have posted on Facebook, have you also made up your mind to loose all pages, groups and connections you have made on Facebook?

Delete My Facebook Account Permanently Right Now

Delete My Facebook Account Permanently Right Now: Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media network site being used today to cummunicate, chat and build brand loyalty. But, things happen and you may wanna  to close your FB account permanently. I do get it, and I will show you an easy way to do this(delete your facebook account). This post will help you figure out how to completely remove your profile from Facebook… be it a new or old Facebook account..

Let us start:

delete facebook account

Don’t know how to delete the Facebook account?

Follow steps to delete your account permanently.

Steps to delete your facebook account permanently

Step 1:

Generate a random new password here
This will help you to forget your Facebook account password and there will be less chance you’ll return to that account.

Step 2:

Change your facebook password
1. Go to settings and privacy
2. Select: – security and login
3. Select: – Change password
Put your new password as generated above in step: 1


Step 3:

Click on
NOTE: – You can get to this link by searching in ‘Facebook help’ page. all you have to search is ‘how to delete the account permanently’. Then follow the steps. You might need to click on ‘Let us know’ link.

Step 4:

Fill up your Facebook password and captcha.

delete facebook account permanently

Step 5:

Congratulations, you have successfully applied for your account deletion. Your account will be deleted only if you do not log in to your account in next 14 days.

delete facebook account permanently

Are you still confused on how to delete your permanently? Try these:

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Deactivate and Delete Facebook Account 

How to deactivate / delete Old Facebook Account 

Delete my fb account from mobile – Facebook Delete

Lets begin the Delete my fb account from mobile – Facebook Delete post.
Continue below:

Delete Facebook Account Permanently Forever

Step 1: Backup all of your data

First of all, it’s time to backup all posts, videos and photos.

Click the “down arrow” in the upper right-hand corner

Go to ‘Settings’

In Facebook General Account Settings, Click ‘download a copy of all your Facebook data’, download archive.

Step 2: Deactivate your account

Click the “down arrow” in the upper right-hand corner, account settings, click security on the left menu, then click deactivate your account.

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You’ll also be asked to give a reason why you’re leaving.Now all your Facebook data will be de-indexed but will be able to be easily restored.
Step 3: Delete your Facebook accountClick on the “lock” icon in the upper right-hand corner, click the “magnifying glass” icon and then search for “delete”.Click on the result near the bottom that says “How do i permanently delete my account”. Now scroll down till you see the “Let us know” link. Click the delete my account. Put in your password, submit captcha. Hit OK. That’s it.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently Forever – Link Method

Here is the link to permanently delete your facebook account:

I hope this finally link nails Facebook account deletion. Please share this post for others who also want to delete their Facebook account.

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Sometimes, we make irrational decisions only to regret at last. I want to be sure that you have everything in place before you proceed to delete your account. If you are ready then let’s get started in helping you to delete your FB account.

If you have not yet made up your mind, perhaps, deactivating your Facebook temporarily might be an option.

Delete your facebook account permanently

You can delete your Facebook account permanently by following the steps bellow:

 Good bye from Facebook. Cheers!
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