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Download Video From Facebook – We’ve all existed. We see a great video clip on Facebook and intend to download it yet can’t appear to identify exactly how. We Google just how to do it as well as all we locate are thousands of plugin as well as software application options, some also request for a significant fee!

How to Download Facebook Video

There are two methods that I figure out to help you download videos on Facebook. Lets get started with method!

Method 1

Method 1 has to do with converting the Facebook default desktop URL to mobile Facebook URL. See instructions below.

Browse Video

Browse to the Facebook video you wish to download to get the URL

Change URL

Point your mouse to the web address bar and change the Facebook URL from “www.” or “web.” to “m.” or “mobile.”

Example: If the video URL was something like this “

Modify it to “

This will automatically convert the Facebook page into a mobile format. Click on save video to download the video from Facebook.

This is the simplest form of saving videos from Facebook.

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