Facebook birthday wishes

Here are the top Facebook birthday wishes you could send to your friend or loved ones on facebook. They might no tell you. But your friends would really like a birthday message that’s not too generic. Chose from our collection of nice facebook wishes. One will surely fit your category of relationship.

  1. May your memories today be awesome, your dreams become a reality, your joy last forever. Have a wonderful birthday.
  2. All things are sweet and bright. May you have a lovely birthday Night.
  3. Wherever your feet may take, whatever endeavour you lay hands on. It will always be successful. Happy birthday.
  4. It’s as simple as ABC; today makes more sense because of you, Happy birthday.
  5. May you continue to improve as a person with each passing year. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  6. Thanks for being a wonderful son to me.
    I am so fortunate to have a fantastic son like you.
    Happy Birthday!
  7. Good things happen to good people and you are definitely a good person.
    Happy Belated Birthday!
  8. Your birthday only comes once a year, so make sure this is the most memorable one ever and have a colourful day.
  9. Life is tough but birthdays are smooth because I will finally have a chance to smile at you. Happy birthday.
  10. Take a day off to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday.
  11. Come on wrap up your work, it is your birthday, girl! Time to sip, time to swirl!
  12. You are the possible and you are the spice, how does one wish Happy Birthday to her/his life? Love you!
  13. Wishing you a memorable day and an adventurous year, Happy birthday
  14. Wishing Happy Birthday to the most beautiful soul I know is always my pleasure. Happy Birthday, my dear. You are awesome.
  15. You look stunning on your birthday; your charm delightfully killed me. Sorry, had to leave without conveying the same
  16. Hugging you doesn’t need any reason but, if there is a reason, more than one hug is a norm. Happy Birthday!
  17. Wishing you abundance of fun and glory, Happy Birthday!
  18. Where ever life may take you, whatever endeavors that you choose, I will always be, so very proud of you!
  19. With you, it is always about bringing in fun, in more ways than one, come rain come sun, just fun.
    Happy Birthday!
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