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A quick way to logout of a facebook account (for android, iphone, ipad, fb mobile).

Here is a quick way to log out of your facebook account in 2017. I have also included a more detailed pictorial guide at the end of this page.

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How to Log Out of facebook on Android

  1. Open the Facebook app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Click on the arrow button at the top right of any page.
  3. And tap “Log Out”.

How to Signout of iPhone or iPad app for iOS

  1. Tap on the three bar button at the top of any page and select “More” from the available list of options.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the “Log Out” link to close your Facebook account on an iOS device.


  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security&section=sessions&view.
  2. Select “Edit” from the “Your Browsers and Apps” option and click “Remove” next to the device where you want to end your session.
  3. Then look for the “Where You’re Logged In” option and click “Edit”.
  4. And now simply click on the “Close” button to logout from the Facebook app.

How Do I Logout Of My Facebook Account

Now you might use the Web-based user interface on your smartphone or mobile phone, that ‘d be one solution, but I need to say that the iPhone/ iPad Facebook app has become quite slick and I think it’s much superior as a user experience (even if it’s often slower than I ‘d like). The secret to browsing the new Facebook iOS app is that the button on the leading left with the series of horizontal lines is the primary menu and navigational beginning point.

Let’s have an appearance.

Here’s my iPhone 4 running Facebook, logging in and revealing a pretty typical view:.

As I said previously, the secret is to tap on the button on the leading entrusted to the 3 horizontal white lines … Tap on it, and you’ll raise the primary navigational menu. Scroll down to the really bottom:.

Ahhh … “Account”. That’s an excellent place to go. Tap on it and a set of buttons will appear:.

If you guessed that the big red “Log Out” button is what you look for, congratulations! You’ve simply won a cigar!

Now you can visit to your very own Facebook account and tell your daughter to get her own smartphone.

So that’s our short article about How Do I Logout Of My Facebook Account

How to Log Out of Facebook Mobile Account without a Phone

This information is useful and also necessary for those of you who either lost your phone or had it stolen.

  1. Using a computer, go to Facebook.com and log into your account with your email and password.
  2. Click on the arrow button pointing down at the top of any page and select “Settings”.
  3. Now click on the “Mobile” icon on the left to go to your mobile settings page.
  4. Click on “Lost your Phone?” and then select “Log Out on Phone”.

How to Log out of Facebook Messenger!

There is no any option to logout from facebook messenger app. but you can do it as below..

On your Android phone, Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Then open ‘Messenger’ and ‘Clear Data’. It will clear your old login data and now the login screen appears again.


How do i log out/ switch user from new facebook messenger on iPhone?

From the app, press settings then privacy & terms. Facebook policies screen appears, from this press the menu button on the blue bar (the little horizontal white lines). This will bring up the fb menu – scroll down and press log out.

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