www.gmail.com Sign in New account – Gmail Login Email Sign in Page

The Google email service provider has an official webpage for all email users to login. To securely login to your Gmail email account, you would have to visit Gmail account login page at gmail.com/login. With the direct Gmail address sign in link provided in this post, you can easily open gmail account login page and login to have access to… Read More »

Cancelling your facebook account

Cancelling your facebook account: We all have those moment when we feel our lives will be much more serene for Facebook. If like me you have chose to cancel your facebook.  Follow our guide below: Canceling Facebook Deactivating an Account Let us start by telling you that account deactivation is different from account deletion, these… Read More »

Clear Facebook Activity Log

Some Facebook users choose to leave their  Facebook Activity Log as a result of sentimental attachments. Others have no attachments whatsoever. They tend to dislike leaving a trail of their activities behind. Do you belong to this second group? Do you want to wipe out the trail of your activities on Facebook? This can be… Read More »

People Who View Your Profile On Facebook

How to see people who view your profile on facebook for one reason or another. You may be curious about it or you might would like to know it for security reasons. Whatever your factor is, all it symbolizes that it’s extremely essential for you to understand that who have actually visited your Facebook profile. But,… Read More »

How to know who follows you on Facebook

Do you want to find out who follows you on Facebook? You’ll agree with me that it’s always nice to know who’s following your shared selfies, memes or whatever have you, as you share them. This post unfolds how you can get to know who follows you on Facebook. Why you should know who follows… Read More »

Facebook poke application

Facebook poke application: Poke symbols are simply small images of a hand with a finger pointing and the name of the person who sent the poke to you. If you have been poked, the image will show up on your home page. Only you can see the poke once you receive it. Depending upon your notification… Read More »

How to see who’s following you on facebook

How to see who is following your facebook – Follow these steps to see your facebook followers. Step 1: Log into your Facebook Page (Using Chrome works best) Step 2: Right click anywhere on the page Step 3: Click “View Page Source”. It will look something like this: Step 4: Use “Command-F” to bring up… Read More »

Happy Birthday Pictures for Facebook

Is it that special someone’s birthday? A friend’s? A family member’s? Well, if you’re being fair, they’re all special people! Want to make their birthday memorable and also make them feel loved? This post contains amazing and cool birthday pictures with wishes you can post on Facebook to help you achieve exactly that! Sending birthday… Read More »

How Can I Reactivate My Deactivated Facebook Account?

How Can I Reactivate My Deactivated Facebook Account? – No matter how determined you are to quit your Facebook account, eventually, the fond memories of your Facebook good friends, the likes, shares and comments, the smile on your face when you scroll through your timeline, all these will begin to haunt you, and you will yearn to… Read More »

Logout Of My Facebook Account

A quick way to logout of a facebook account (for android, iphone, ipad, fb mobile). Here is a quick way to log out of your facebook account in 2017. I have also included a more detailed pictorial guide at the end of this page. How to Log Out of facebook on Android Open the Facebook app on… Read More »